Thursday, August 27, 2015

Daily Theology blog partnership





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Super Martyrio is proud to announce that it has become a ‘blog partner’ of Daily Theology.  In practical terms, this means we will occasionally repost one another’s posts or will simultaneously post things in both blogs.  In a deeper sense, this partnering is a recognition of our mutual interest in exploring theological issues in relation to human experience—in this case, the life of Oscar Romero and the poor—to approach topics through various theological disciplines, and to promote good blogging practices in research, writing, and reporting.

For the readers of both blogs, I hope the partnership will translate into a seamless but real improvement in the depth and perspective brought to bear on what we cover.  For the bloggers, I hope the partnership will expand our ability to provide broader perspectives and “team coverage” to relevant issues, including the impact of Blessed Romero on the Church and the culture, and the annual commemorations of his anniversary-feast day.  During the beatification of Archbishop Romero in May, Daily Theology had three of its contributors on scene in San Salvador.  I was there too.  I hope that at the canonization, we will be there together.

Finally, this partnership continues the fine tradition of joining with others in pursuit of common objectives. Blessed Oscar Romero took up and gave strength to this tradition.  Among the important principles that formed his ministry were communion, accompaniment, solidarity.  If we want to follow the path of goodness then we must enter into solidarity with Christ to uproot from our hearts those evil instincts that lead us to violence and crime,” he said.  Then he added: “We must also enter into solidarity with those who share these same ideals concerning life and love and peace.”  (November 14, 1977 sermon.)  When we can, we should work together.

Here’s to the blog partners!

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