Monday, November 11, 2013

The ‘Frankies’

Super Martyrio is proud to support the 2013 Frankie Awards for excellence in Catholic spiritual writing.  Named in honor of the great spiritual director and patron saint of journalists St. Francis de Sales, the Frankie Awards are sponsored by the Catholic Spirituality Blogs Network (“CSBN”), administered by Connie Rossini.  Super Martyrio has joined CSBN, in an effort to become even more committed with the Catholic online community and more deeply identified with the efforts of Catholic bloggers to bring Catholic spirituality to the Internet.  As part of its commitment, Super Martyrio will continue to occasionally post on topics of interest to Catholic spirituality, usually with at least some tie-in to Óscar Romero.
Super Martyrio has made significant inroads during this year to become more fully lodged in the on-line Catholic community.  Throughout the year, Super Martyrio has promoted the «Year of Faith» declared by Pope Benedict XVI and continued by Pope Francis.  Beginning on Pentecost Sunday, Super Martyrio has implemented a linguistic policy of publishing its posts in English, Italian, and Spanish, to make its message accessible to a majority of the world’s Catholics.  Also this year, the blog’s posts have been carried by numerous aggregator sites, such as  Super Martyrio is listed in Top Catholic Blogs and Lista dei Siti Cattolici Italiani (for the Italian version of the Blog), among others.  Super Martyrio has also extended bonds of friendship with spirituality blogs in the Spanish speaking world, such as Mera Defensa de la Fe (Opus Dei) and Acción Litúrgica (traditional liturgy site).
In pursuing this outreach, Super Martyrio is inspired by Óscar Romero, who said, “I have often imagined the Church as a large tree with one branch at one extreme and another branch at the other extreme.”  The branches signify the Church’s diverse members: “How beautiful to think about the universality of the Church, her morality, her dogma, and know that wherever anyone professes this faith, these persons are our sisters and brothers.”  Like the limbs of a tree, the members of the Church need to live in Communion, said Romero: “The branches do not know one another but are receiving sap from the same trunk and they share the same life.”
Catholic spirituality is the “sap” that feeds Super Martyrio and its kindred spirits on the Internet, including Catholic Spirituality Blogs Network and the Frankie Awards.
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