Sunday, May 19, 2013


The Pentecost event is marvelous. "How does each of us hear them in his own native language?" How wonderful this gift of preaching to the whole world! That miracle is being accomplished today because what I am saying here in the Cathedral in San Salvador, these words that I am proclaiming with my poor Spanish are being proclaimed in North America in English by the preachers who are celebrating the Eucharist there. The same is also being proclaimed in the dialects of our indigenous people by the missionaries who go into the jungles of Colombia and Guatemala or whatever other part of the southern hemisphere. The same message is being proclaimed in French in Canada and France by the priests who minister in those regions of the world. The message is also being proclaimed in Italian and the many African dialects. This morning and at all times it is the same Church that is preaching in many languages the same message of God. It is a message that cannot be changed.
--Archb. Óscar Romero, Pentecost 1979

Announcement: From now on, posts in this blog will be uploaded in English, Spanish and Italian, with a few exceptions that cannot be avoided.

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