Saturday, May 23, 2015

Symbolism of the vestments

By Duane WH Arnold, PhD (Indiana, USA):
Carlos X is without internet service at the moment, so we are communicating by text!  As we watch the transmission of the Mass, we note the vestments emblazoned with the coat of arms adopted by Oscar Romero as Archbishop of San Salvador.  Earlier, we noted that Cardinal Amato was wearing a mitre with Romero's motto.  As the Gospel is proclaimed in a rich and wonderful voice, the emotion in the square is evident. 
As Cardinal Amato presents the homily, he references St. Augustine first as a pastor, not merely  a theologian, and compares him to Romero as a man who offered his life for “reconciliation and peace”. He moves to the “meaning of martyrdom”. Romero is “light of the world” and “salt of the earth” in imitation of Christ.  Romero’s last years, he says, were filled with anxiety, though he prepared himself for his death - as a priest, a bishop and as a man. 

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