Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Romero beatification update #18


This post contains information about how to watch the Beatification of Archbishop Oscar Romero on television and on the Internet (this Saturday May 23rd).

Before I get to the good stuff, two exhortations.  First of all, if you can get to downtown San Salvador by hook or by crook, then please do it.  As Auxiliary Bishop Gregorio Rosa Chavez said earlier in the week, a strong popular turnout would be good.  Second, if you can’t make it, then by all means join in.  Find some local commemoration, and tune in to the big ceremony.  Forward this post to grandma, to your church friends, post it on your social networks.

Televisión Católica de El Salvador

TVCa is the source.  The signal that all the other broadcasts will carry will come from a TVCa feed.  You can watch it online from the TVCa website here.  Ceremony begins 10H00 local time (12H00 US/EST) (15H00 GMT).

Centro Televisivo Vaticano

CTV (aka “Vatican Television”) will carry the signal.  The Vatican rented the two satellites that will beam the live signal on the coordinates in the publicity card below.  It is expected they will have it available to live stream on their website.  Broadcast starts 6 P.M. Rome time.
Salt + Light Television

The Canadian-based S+L will broadcast the ceremony and will be the largest broadcaster to watch the event on conventional television in North America.  Broadcast information here.


For South America, this is the principal option.  They have put together a comprehensive TV and Internet package and have been in El Salvador for days.  Information here.


El Sembrador” Ministries is seen in throughtout Central America, three U.S. states, Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and a few South American countries.  Information here.

CNN En Español

It is not clear they will broadcast the entire ceremony, but they may carry portions of it or updates on it through the day.  They will also have a special program about Archbishop Romero (09:00 ET; 13:00 GMT).  Information here.


Finally, available on U.S. cable or satellite networks (not in HD, but live broadcast begins well in advance of the official ceremony).  Information here.

Here is all the information I have posted about the beatification plans this year. 

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