Saturday, May 23, 2015

We’ve come far indeed

By Duane WH Arnold, PhD (Indiana, USA):
What a miraculous day this is!  Many of us have waited twenty years and more to see what we will see today.  Even three years ago, when my friend Michael Glen Bell and I wrote our song, Romero, it seemed almost impossible. We actually had people in certain circles tell us that, “No one is interested in Oscar Romero these days.”  Now, today, hundreds of thousands are assembled in San Salvador awaiting the moment of Romero’s beatification. Thanks must go out to people like our friends Carlos X, The Romero Trust, Ignatian Solidarity, Archbishop Paglia and so many others who have kept the flame alive through many dark and uncertain years for Romero’s Cause.  Today, we mark the time in minutes... not days, or months or years. Today, one who fell at the altar, will be “raised to the altars”.

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