Thursday, May 21, 2015

San Salvador Bound

Fr. Edwin Henriquez photo.
By Carlos X. (traveling to San Salvador):

It seems that everyone is descending on El Salvador. In a press conference this Thursday, May 21, the Ministry of Tourism announced that the Central American country’s authorities expect 285,000 visitors to enter the country for the beatification of Archbishop Oscar A. Romero on Saturday, and the hotel capacity of the capital San Salvador is now 100% saturated (80% in other cities). In the photo, a visitor whom readers of this blog will remember: Bishop Donald Lippert, who traveled from Papua New Guinea to be present at the ceremony. According to some reports, other prominent visitors include the famous director of “The Passion of the Christ,” Mel Gibson.

Well, yours truly has to be a part of this also. In fact, I depart for El Salvador tonight, and I will be reporting from the beatification, starting with the vigil on Friday night.

On Saturday, Duane Arnold will join me, blogging for the first time together to provide full coverage of all the events. Duane will be based in Indiana, USA, while I will be in San Salvador. Please visit this site to share this great day with us.



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