Monday, December 03, 2018

Address of the Archbishop of San Salvador

Monday, October 15, 2018
Paul VI Hall

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I am pleased to express our deepest gratitude for all you have done in favor of the cause of canonization of our most beloved bishop, pastor, prophet, and martyr, Saint Óscar Arnulfo Romero. We do not have enough words to express the feelings that embark our hearts for so much joy and joy. We are truly happy to see the beloved father of our people clothed with glory and raised to the altars.

We well know that this is a special gift of divine goodness. It is an immense gift from God. That is why we have just celebrated a solemn Eucharist of Thanksgiving to the Lord. But we also know that Christ has acted through His Vicar on earth and that you, Holy Father, have been the instrument of the Lord for our beloved Archbishop Romero to have been so highly honored. That is why our gratitude to you is eternal and we will never be able to pay such great kindness received from your person; Only God will be able to reward with abundance so much kindness on your part for us and for our people.

I wish to make propitious the occasion to beg you, Holy Father, in the name of the pastors and the people of God, in the most heedful, humble and respectful way, to kindly authorize the opening of the appropriate process for St. Oscar Arnulfo Romero to be declared a Doctor of the Church. We are convinced that his highly valuable teachings and testimony of life will be a beacon of light that will illuminate the present world, which sadly suffers from darkness; on the one hand, a lack of faith, and on the other, serious social injustices that cause very serious violations of human rights and of the dignity of persons.

On behalf of all Salvadorans, I reiterate our cordial invitation to visit our country. We invite you to visit Archbishop Romero and we ask you on that occasion to kindly beatify the beloved Father Rutilio Grande. Having Your Holiness in our country would be another immense grace from God for our people.

Finally, in this moment of turbulence that the ship of our Church sails across, we pledge to You, Holy Father, our absolute fidelity, our total support, and you can be sure of our continued prayer for your person and your Petrine ministry. And now, bowing to you with reverence, we beg to impart your blessing to our people in El Salvador, and to all of us pilgrims.

Thank you.

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