Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The 10 best lines from Card. Amato



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The homily for the beatification of Blessed Oscar Romero was entrusted to Cardinal Angelo Amato, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.  Cardinal Amato recalled the Romero beatification yesterday while speaking at a seminar on the canonization process at the Congregation which could be his last as Prefect.  “In sixteen beatification ceremonies in 2015, were beatified some 50 martyrs, whom the Lord has given the strength to suffer serious tortures and death for His name,” said the Cardinal-Prefect.  In the inaugural address for the 2016 ‘Studium’, Amato highlighted the important role that fortitude plays among the virtues of the martyrs.  “Fortitude is an indispensable part of the virtuous kit of the saints,” Amato said.  “Nourished by the Eucharist and protected and guided by Mary Christians prove themselves strong in tribulations and persevering in the faith.”  [Full text, in Italian.]

The following are Super Martyrio’s choices for the 10 most memorable lines from the beatification homily.

1.  Blessed Romero is another super-luminous star that burns in the American spiritual firmament.”

2.His option for the poor was not ideological but Evangelical.”

3.  Martyrdom was not an improvisation, but came after a long preparation.”

4.  Romero is not a symbol of division, but of peace, of harmony, of fraternity.”

5.  If his persecutors have vanished in the shadow of oblivion and death, the memory of Romero on the other hand continues to live and gives comfort to the poor and the marginalized of the earth.”

6.  “[The assassination of Fr. Rutilio Grande] touched the heart of Archbishop Romero, who wept for his priest as a mother could do for her own child.”

7.  The peasants were now orphaned of their good father and Romero wished to take his post.”

8.  “...that fateful March 24, 1980 when a treacherous bullet fatally wounded him during the Eucharistic Celebration; his blood commingled with the redemptive Blood of Christ.”

9.  Romero belongs to the Church. But he also enriches [all of] humanity.”

10.  Blessed Oscar Romero, pray for us!

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