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Romero Comm’n proposes Assumption Day petitions


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AUGUST 1, 2017 - The Archbishop Oscar Romero U.S. Centennial Commission has issued a statement [HERE] inviting churches “to honor Blessed Romero by including a petition or other remembrance during Assumption Day Masses on August 15th,” which coincides this year with what would have been the Salvadoran martyr’s 100th birthday. [Please share this post.]

Two major U.S. dioceses will commemorate the event.  Los Angeles and Dallas, both centers of Hispanic population, will observe Romero’s centennial with cathedral masses.  In L.A., there will be a commemorative Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels at 12:30 PM on Sunday, August 13, 2017.  Meanwhile, in Dallas, there will be a commemorative Mass at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, August 15, the Feast of the Assumption, at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Dallas, where Bishop Edward J. Burns has invited all pastors to commemorate the life of Blessed Romero in their parishes [More].
The Romero Centennial Commission is an independent panel of Romero activists and devotees, convened to promote the Centennial of the Birth of Blessed Oscar Romero and related activities in America, home to the largest Salvadoran communities outside El Salvador, and to many admirers of Romero among rank and file Catholics.
In honor of the Romero Centennial, the Romero Centennial Commission invites churches to:
1. Include a customized petition during the Mass for the Feast of the Assumption or mention the Romero centennial and use a Romero quote during the homily on the Feast of the Assumption (or the Sunday before, August 13, 2017).  Other remembrance actions are also encouraged. (See attachments to the release for suggested petitions, Romero quotes, and other remembrances, or visit the Commission’s website, Romero100.org).
2. Pray the Blessed Romero Novena created by the Archdiocese of San Salvador (suggested dates August 6-14th; translation included in the released materials).
3. Use the hashtag “#Romero100” to promote the Romero Centennial on social media.
The released materials include a quote from Romero’s 1977 Sermon on the Feast of the Assumption, whose 40th anniversary will also run this year.  In that Sermon, Romero called Mary “the first Christian” and “ideal of the Church.”  Mary - Romero said - “illuminates the dignity and the rights of the human person. For this reason, she is steadfast in defending the dignity, freedom and the rights of the human person, because she knows that men and women are not puppets, but are destined, like [her], for the kingdom of Heaven.”

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