Saturday, September 13, 2014

Prayer for the beatification of Ab. Romero

The Archdiocese of San Salvador has published a Prayer for the Beatification of Archbishop Óscar A. Romero, as part of the “Romero Triennium,” 2014-2017, the countdown to the centenary of Romero’s birth.  Here is Super Martyrio’s English translation of the new beatification prayer:

Oh! Jesus, Eternal Shepherd, You have made Archbishop Oscar Romero a living example of faith and charity, and have granted him the grace to die at the foot of the altar in a supreme act of love for You. Grant us, if it is Your will, the grace of his beatification. May we follow his example of love for Your Church, for Your Word and the Eucharist; and may we love You in the poorest and the neediest. We ask this through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace. Amen.

Super Martyrio wishes to circulate this prayer for Archbishop Romero’s beatification at a time when there are signals that the process has entered its final, critical phase.  Super Martyrio encourages readers to pass this prayer along and most of all to intone it!  The San Salvador Archdiocese also recommends that the prayer be joined with “a hymn to the Virgin Mary who was so loved and honored by Archbishop Romero.”  (Earlier Romero prayer cards also recommended a Lord’s Prayer, a Hail Mary, and a Gloria.)

This month’s Triennium reflection focuses on Romero at the seminary.  Super Martyrio ran an extensive reflection on Romero’s seminary career earlier this year, which readers may find appropriate for this meditation.  Romero not only studied in Rome but he lived there,” we read in that post.  Most important of all, Rome is a harbinger of Romero's ministry as Archbishop in San Salvador three decades later. Rome is a preview of his pastoral themes: war, poverty, and the Church’s response to these calamities.”  Please take a moment to peruse it.

Next month: Young Romero’s love for the poor.

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