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The Saint Romero Chaplet


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This past September 27, a television newscast from Los Angeles featured the Chaplet of Blessed Romero, which I initially published on this blog. Below is a translation of the broadcast, since the video posted on the station's website cannot be seen in certain parts of the world.

Announcer:                 There are 17 days left until the historic canonization of the first Salvadoran saint in Rome, Blessed Romero, and today a member of that country shares the version of the Rosary that he wrote inspired by his life and martyrdom. Norma Roque has the story that you will see only on 34.

Carlos Colorado:         (Praying.) Hail Mary, full of grace ...

Norma Roque:            Like every Thursday, Carlos Colorado, an immigrant from El Salvador, prays the Rosary, today with his daughter Juliana.

Juliana Colorado:        (Praying.) Holy Mary, Mother of God ...

Norma Roque:            They are already preparing their trip to Rome for the historic canonization of the first saint from their country, Blessed Romero, on October 14.

Juliana Colorado:        That’s a very good thing.

Norma Roque:            Why?

Juliana Colorado:        Because we are Catholics.

Norma Roque:            But what they pray is a Chaplet, a version of the Rosary written by Colorado in 2005.

Carlos Colorado:         People thought that he was another politician, somewhat who was going beyond the bounds of his field and I wanted to explain, ‘No, what he was doing was something that came from his spirituality’.

Norma Roque:            There are only a dozen or so chaplets in the world and the one by Colorado, published by the Archdiocese of San Salvador in 2016, is prayed every Sunday next to the Archbishop’s Crypt in the Cathedral.

Carlos Colorado:         (Explaining with Rosary in hand.) First Romero becomes a priest, then he becomes archbishop, then he looks at the poor, then he looks at the sick, and lastly, he gives his life at the altar.

Norma Roque:            A lawyer by profession, Colorado immigrated at ten years. As a child he wanted to be a priest and met in person the man who will soon be Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero.

Norma Roque:            Did you confess all your sins to Archbishop Romero?

Carlos Colorado:         I think so. And he absolved them all!

Norma Roque:            He also treasures two 'positios', original documents, one showing that Archbishop Romero was killed for hatred of the faith, and another one about the miracle that will raise him to the altars.

Carlos Colorado:         To be truly liberated and have prosperity and freedom, that is what El Salvador needs ...

Norma Roque:            Colorado places his faith for his country in the upcoming canonization of Blessed Romero. Remember, on October 14 in Rome.

Over the years, I have posted several notes about the Romero Chaplet, which lives and breathes constantly, thanks to Cultura Romeriana’s efforts to keep it alive in the Crypt of the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Salvador. Here are the links of the notes I have published in the recent past on the Chaplet (all of them in Spanish).

·         Approval in 2016
·         Dedication for Peace in 2018
Thanks to Cultura Romeriana for their constant support of this prayer.

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